May 6 - 29
Slices of Life served up in
Mixed Media
An exhibition by
Manuela Hübner
At The Old Fire Engine House Galleries, Ely 6 - 29 May 2016
10.30-22.30 (M-F) 10.30-17.30 (Sa/Su)

The Things We Do is a visual smorgasbord of feelings, thoughts, deeds and their consequences, captured through a combination of collage, acrylics and spray painting.

Some are humorous, some serious.

Some are light, some dark.

Some autobiographical, others universally observed.

What most of them have in common is that their starting point is randomness.

In a world dominated by reason and the drive for control and perfection, luck is often mistaken for skill, belief for certitude, theory for reality.

Manuela does not choose the characters featuring in her work, they come to her. She takes her cue from the chance results of experimental processes or incidentally found shapes like interesting markings or stains. These unpredictable forms are then harnessed to tell stories about the life we create for ourselves.

Manuela’s way of working is as playful as her art is vibrant.

She suspends judgement of good or bad, right or wrong, and tries not to force her conditioned, critical mind upon the process and the medium, but to respond intuitively. She goes with the flow — and with what the critical mind would call mistakes and accidents.

She usually goes with first attempts and first drafts because they contain all of the original excitement and creative energy.

Educated in her native Germany as well as in France and in the UK , Manuela now lives and works in Cambridge.

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Enjoy The Things We Do

Photo: Life feeds art, art feeds life
Mixed media artist Manuela Hübner in front of her work Still Life with Apples
Photography: © Roderick Macdonald, 2016
Set Design: Alex Macdonald Ramsay
Pop-up website: David Earl
Special Effects: Flo, the cat